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11 September 2011 @ 10:56 pm
fic: rave atlantis (stargate atlantis, PG)  

Title: Rave Atlantis

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Character/Pairing: Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, a few OCs
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1330
Summary: Post Wraith attack John Sheppard et al arrange a party.
Notes: A little descriptive fic to match the Rave Atlantis fanmix

"Are you sure about this? What if the Wraith attack?" Vashti asked nervously, biting at the edge of her nail.

"Jeez, Vash, will you relax? We just beat them, the Wraith aren't going to attack, and if they do..." Tacha shrugged, watching her colleague's neurotic reaction before delivering the coup de grace, "I made the antidote. It'll get everyone all nice and sober and ready for action positions."

She picked up a large green bottle and thrust it towards Vashti as proof. "I swear, the military is lucky they have me. I could be making billions back on earth. That's pretty much a hangover cure right there."

"I hope you're right," Vashti said, her eyebrows still furrowed. For someone who was on a floating city in another galaxy where stuff was always going to hell, she was a jumpy, nervous creature.

"Settle down, Vash. You're the reason that everyone thinks botanists are the weak link in the Atlantis chain," Tacha smacked Vashti on the shoulder. "Did you remember to get Cadman in on it? I think everyone's going to want to have some of her moonshine."

"Yeah. She scares me though. She's got way too much experience with things that can kill you."

Tacha smiled. "That's why I like her best out of all the marines. Except for Donny. I got the okay from Col. Sheppard. He said he'll get Weir cool with it. Dragon from Engineering has apparently rigged up an awesome sound system so Dusty can DJ."

"Are you sure people are actually going to show up?"

"It's well spread. I made sure to get the Canadians in on it as soon as I developed the Q, they've probably got half of Pegasus coming by now."

"I can't believe you've even done this, Tach. Designer drugs from an alternate galaxy and a post-Wraith party is a little hard to get my head around."

"You came here in a space ship and that's what's hard to get your head around?"


"Hey, Rodney, how are you doing on the lights," John shouted up to him. He'd just finished moving the last of the remaining puddle jumpers out to the pier, leaving the docking bay completely empty except for Rodney and Zelenka, up on the second floor, fiddling with a control panel. He'd had to promise all the techs in command his last remaining bottles of beer to keep quiet about the movement so Elizabeth didn't find out about their plans until the chosen moment.

"Fine," Rodney replied, moving to the balcony edge, "Even though we should be busy, you know, fixing the damage to the city instead of trying to make pretty lights for a party."

"We are fixing the city. Just in a different way, that's all," John said. He hadn't exactly cleared it with Elizabeth but he figured the best time to tell her was after everything had already started, then she was less likely to shut it down.

Rodney sighed loudly, rolling his eyes but he went back to work. John rocked back on his heels, smiling to himself.


Elizabeth typed the last word of her exhaustive report of the latest Wraith attack with aplomb, letting the relief of completing the most annoying part of any event. There were still countless repairs to be completed and three marines and an engineer were recovering in the infirmary but absolutely no one had been killed and now her paperwork was done.

She pushed her chair back and stretched her arms above her head, feeling quite a bit lighter. She walked out into the command area, feeling suddenly very strange. There wasn't a single member of the expedition to be seen. Even Chuck, a rather ubiquitous presence in the control room, was missing.

For a moment Elizabeth felt a surge of terror shoot through her body, fearing that this was some sort of attack on the city or a resurgence of nanites, trying to make her believe she was crazy. Again.

Relief washed over her as soon as she saw John Sheppard jogging towards her, shouting her name.

"John, where is everybody?" Elizabeth asked, gesturing, palms up, around the empty room.

"Upstairs, in the jumper bay." Elizabeth opened her mouth to ask why exactly when John answered the question for her. "I planned a bit of a get-together to let everyone relax."

She made a non-committal noise, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Let's take the stairs while I explain," he pointed towards the ill-used stairwell to the upper levels. Elizabeth rolled her eyes but moved in the direction he pointed; this was beginning to sound like something that Stargate Command and the IOA would be best not knowing about.

"John..." Elizabeth said, hoping to move this along a little faster.

"Right, so I was talking to Sgt. Mehra and Dragon in the mess the other day -"

"Dragon?" Elizabeth asked. She prided herself on knowing the names of every member of the Atlantis expedition but her knowledge of the extensive and ever-changing nicknames was extremely limited.

"Yeah, you know, Dagen O'Regan, from Engineering?" Elizabeth nodded, she did, in fact, know him. He was nearly as tall as Ronon and his heavy-set brow and dark hair did make him look quite imposing and a suitable candidate for a the nickname 'dragon'. John continued, "Well, we thought that since this was such a close call with the wraith that we should celebrate. So we talked to a few people, got Rodney and Radek in to do some lights, Dragon set up a sound system and it turns out Dusty has all her DJing stuff here."

As they walked up the stairs Elizabeth began to hear a thumping beat filtering down the stairs. "John, what aren't you telling me?

John looked down at his boots for a second before answering. "Well, I brought Cadman in -"

"John!" Elizabeth cut him off, holding up her hand, "Laura Cadman's moonshine made Sgt. Gabriel go blind."

"It was only temporary," John muttered. Elizabeth sighed. The sound of music was much stronger now, even managing to make the air seem to vibrate with sound.

As they rounded the last corner Elizabeth spotted Doctors Keller and Beckett sitting at the top of the stairs, heads bowed together conspiratorially as they talked quietly but animatedly. Silver cups filled with a red liquid Elizabeth figured was Cadman's infamous moonshine sat at their feet. They didn't even look up as John and Elizabeth brushed past, too absorbed in their own conversation.

The door to the jumper bay slid open and a wave of sound washed over them, so loud Elizabeth could hear the bass line reverberating in her chest. It seemed like every member of the expedition was in the jumper bay, covering every floor, dancing and laughing.

Ronon stumbled out of the crowd towards them. "Elizabeth!" He shouted, wrapping his large arms around Elizabeth in a firm bear hug. He pulled back a bit, keeping his hands on her shoulders. His eyes were bright, pupils dilated wide, and a huge, goofy grin was spread across his face. "This is a great party."

Teyla walked up behind him, greeting Elizabeth with a nod of the head. She placed her hand on Ronon's arm and they walked away quietly.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say Ronon was high," Elizabeth commented, the loudness of the room necessitating that she speak very close to John's ear.

John looked at her, eyes wide, surprised. Elizabeth smirked at him. She remembered the report from Vashti Somwaru and Tacha Lower; the leaves of the Chelatus Revosacerulea leaves that, when chewed, induced euphoria similar to designer party drugs on Earth. It had also gotten back to her that Dr. Somwaru was attempting to concoct an antidote to reverse the effects of the plant.

"I want to see you, Lt. Cadman and Dr. Somwaru in my office at 9am," Elizabeth hesitated, looking over at the giant bowl of punch on a nearby table, "John? Make it noon."